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At the heart of the activity Association AntEra develops, studies and introduces holistic healthful practices, integrates long-term experience of experts of the most various directions, including doctors, psychologists, naturopaths, philosophers, theologians, philologists, healers and also representatives of other fields of activity anyhow connected with integral (holistic) approach to health of the person.


Holistic curative activity (healthful and curative practices)

Art therapy Homeopathy Coaching Manual medicine Naturopathy Threpsology Psychoanalysis Psychology and psychotherapy Pulsohemoindication Tibetan massage Ku Nye Holistic massage (pulsing) Chi Quong

In accordance with our ideas healing methodology is individualized interdisciplinary integrative qualitative medical practice with self-healing activization.

Holistic medical activity realizes at physical, biological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of life.

Ideas of healing are much wider than ideas of traditional pharmacotherapy. They proceed from understanding of triune entirety of human essence: spirit, mind and body.