Association AntEra

At the heart of the activity Association AntEra develops, studies and introduces holistic healthful practices, integrates long-term experience of experts of the most various directions, including doctors, psychologists, naturopaths, philosophers, theologians, philologists, healers and also representatives of other fields of activity anyhow connected with integral (holistic) approach to health of the person.



The Association founder is professor Alexander A. Krel, Doctor of Medicine, head of rheumatology department of State Institute of advanced medical training-St.-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies (1987-1996), chief rheumatologist of Health care Committee on public health services of St.-Petersburg Administration (1988-1995).

Alexander A. Krel
Alexander A. Krel

Many years reflecting on that how to make the medical practice qualitative and effective in the current context, step by step I come to understanding that it can be has achieved by formation of Community of persons with chronic impairment of health, theirs relatives and various experts, which are interested in rendering assistance for needed to treat.

Such assistance shouldnt be medical only. It should regard all spheres of life: social, economic, cultural, psychological and finally spiritual. It should happen by natural way and vested interests shouldnt to be added to this assistance in no case

There are not important only medicaments at effective treatment, but first of all courageous, worthy philosophy at opposition to an illness by the spiritual foundation of brotherhood, trust and love
(lexander . Krel)


Maxim P. Konchalovsky
Maxim P. Konchalovsky

...There are two parts in nature of the person intellectual and emotive. Beauty of the person is in an orchestration of these two parts...
Maxim P. Konchalovsky
(My life, meetings and impressions)

We maximize a role of creation (in the widest sense of this word) at person with chronic diseases treatment and rehabilitation. Creation activity is the heavy weapon against any illness. We see the purpose of our work in creating requisite conditions for realization of creative potential of the people diseased with chronic illnesses that not only will enrich their everyday life, but also will assist with illness overcoming.

The concept healing differs fundamentally from traditional representation about the therapeutic treatment, which is mainly drawing on the medicated and some other ways of influence directed on normalization of physical disorders. Usually this normalization is partial and short-term.

Ideas of healing are much wider than ideas of traditional pharmacotherapy. They proceed from understanding of triune entirety of human essence: spirit, mind and body.

Holistic medical activity realizes at physical, biological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of life.

Magazine Holism and health
Magazine Holism and health
(It is created on the initiative of prof. Alexander A.Krel in 2008)


In accordance with our ideas healing methodology is individualized interdisciplinary integrative qualitative medical practice with self-healing activization.

Such practice together with traditional pharmacotherapeutic influences directed to restoration of physical disorders, actualizes dissociation corrrection in mental and spiritual spheres of the person.

It becomes accessible in applying psychological, psychotherapeutic, psychosomatic approaches and also spiritual practices, making active self-healing processes.

A dream becomes a reality when it finds like-minded person, then spiritual and mental appetences attain healing powers (lexander . Krel)