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Magazine «Holism and health» (It is created on the initiative of prof. Alexander A.Krel in 2008)


Александр Александрович Крель
Alexander A. Krel (1938-2008)

Addressed to all those who are interested in issues of holistic therapeutic activities.

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Magazine «Holism and health» - 1 - 2009

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 1 за 2009 год

  • From editor
  • Krel A.A. Conception of holistic therapy (on the basis of experience of 45-year medical practice)
  • Maykov V.V. The integrated approach of Ken Wilber
  • Polyakov I. A. K.G. Jung and holism
  • Olshanskiy D.A. PSYchoanalysis vs PSYchology (to the conception of holistic curative activity)
  • Chebanov S.V. Mission and ministration
  • Ivanov-Wyzgo D.A. The miasm theory of chronic diseases by S.Hahnemann: current importance and future trends. Chronic miasms as basic infections. Psora as herpesvirus and sycosis as papillomavirus infection.
  • Oleskin A.V. Networks and hierarchies in holistic medicine
  • Reviews: Vereschagin V.L. To question about holism history
  • News: Chebanov S.V. Biosemiotics and holistic curative activity


Magazine «Holism and health» - 2 - 2009

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 2 за 2009 год

  • Ivanov O. E. Theophrastus Paracelsus as a historical parallel to Ken Wilber
  • Ivanov-Wyzgo D. A. The miasm theory of chronic diseases by S.Hahnemann – current importance and future trends. Chronic miasms as basic infections. Psora as herpesvirus and sycosis as papillomavirus infection. (Termination of the article)
  • Nurmeev I. K. Let likes be cured by likes. Myths and reality (from Hippocrates to Hahnemann)
  • Koval-Zaitseva A. I. About integrity of Christian conceptualize about person
  • Rodichkin P. V., Shalamanov N. S. «The four foundations» in spine osteochondrosis curing
  • Popov V. G., Starostin O. A. The muscular integral- oriented therapy (MIO-therapy). Convergent method of bodily-oriented psychotherapy in the light of holistic approach to health
  • Erofeev K. B. Legal aspects of healers activity in Russia
  • «ANTERA» seminars: Chebanov S. V. Problem field of psychotherapy

Magazine «Holism and health» - 3 - 2010

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 3 - 2010 год

  • Gulnik Olga N. Nation preservation is the chance to revival
  • Slanevskaya Nina M. Ontology in neuroscience: treating without drugs
  • Solovyev Sergey L. The place of a healer in the modern times
  • Levinson Sergey V. Chi Kung therapy at altered state of consciousness
  • Lebedeva Tatyana A. Chi Kung is health and longevity
  • Igor Polyakov, clergyman God’s administration and our diseases. Possibility of comprehension
  • Kanipholskiy Igor B., Starostin Oleg A. Aesopaedics is a new holistic body-aided method of detection, research, change and development of relations with money
  • Olshansky Dmitry A. Clinical case. On Freud’s five key analyses
  • Karasev Daniel A. What is neurosis? Is it trap for love or special chance? About everyday troubles and that, how we rub through them. Speculations of religious sychotherapeutist

Magazine «Holism and health» - 4 - 2011

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 4 - 2011 год

  • Chamokova Emma A. Modernization theory in western and eastern evolutionary conceptions
  • Krel Olga V., Nurmeev Igor K., Kanipholsky Igor B., Starostin Oleg A., Polyakov Igor A., Kozhuhovskaya Ekaterina A. , Makushenko Rostislav V., Baranovsky Viktor E. The holistic approach for complex rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord traumatic disease and at status postcoma
  • Chuzhov Aleksander L. Placebo and holism
  • Akopov Anatoly Y. Psychotherapeutic method of contraddictive stimulation for treatment and rehabilitation of persons with socially-psychological dependences
  • Olshansky Dmitry A. Ten Myths on Psychoanalysis
  • Kvitko Kristina A. Theatrical method as one kind of art therapy (theatrical laboratory)
  • Krel Olga V. The method of pulsohemoindication, the possibilities and perspectives in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases
  • Pokrovsky Nikolay B. About rehabilitation possibilities of mentally deprived men with the application of art therapy resource techniques approbated in association “AntEra”
  • Egorov Sergey P. Samuel Hahnemann and psychiatry

Magazine «Holism and health» - 5 - 2011

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 5 - 2011 год

  • From editor
  • Ivanov Oleg E. About integration boundaries between West and East
  • Archimandrite Januarius (Ivliev). Anthropology in respect to the New Testament
  • Chuzhov Aleksander L. Traditional Chinese medicine and modern dermatology: the search for the relationship
  • Egorov Sergey P. Luetic effluvium (prenatal intoxication)
  • Nasonova Valentina A., Vladimirtsev Vyacheslav A., Sternin Yuriy I. System enzymotherapy as a way to the health and longevity
  • Olshansky Dmitry A. Lacan in Russia
  • Starostin Oleg A., Nesterenko Marina Y. Integral (holistic) approach at family-centered psychotherapy
  • Krems Vera D. Particular child
  • Solovyev Sergey L. Psychotherapy and spiritual contact
    – Nikitina Elena I. Energy for live
    – Nikitina Elena I. Voices
  • INTERVIEW: of Olga V. Krel, the head editor of magazine “Holism and health”, with Vyacheslav A. Vladimirtsev, the pro- rector of International Slavic Institution

Magazine «Holism and health» - 1(6) - 2012

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 1(6) - 2012 год

    The annotation of the section - Ivanov-Wyzgo Daniel A.
    H. Kaiser (translated by Ivanov-Wyzgo Daniel A.) A.J. Landre-Beauvais as a true author of the rheumatoid arthritis first description
  • Slanevskaya Nina M. Use of neuroscientific method at social science
  • Bernard Cadet, Armelle Jacquet-Andrieu Emotions, langage et prises de decision: un reseau cognitif (Emotions, Language and Decision-making: Cognitive Network)
  • Chebanov Sergey V. Limiting questions
  • Iskrin Michail A. Typology of mystic experience
  • Akopov Anatoly Y., Nesmeyanov Anatoly A. Influence of individualities of the Russian national character and social illnesses of the person on internal national psychological security of Russia
  • Yasinchuk Andrey A. Prevention of the most abundant severe noninfectious diseases by homeopathic medicines
    Krems Vera D., Lozko Olga L. House of love or constant work

Magazine «Holism and health» - 2(7) - 2012

Журнал "Холизм и здоровье" № 2(7) - 2012 год

Magazine «Holism and health» - 1(8) - 2013

 Журнал Холизм и здоровье - 1(8) - 2013


Magazine «Holism and health» - 1(9) - 2014


 Журнал Холизм и здоровье - 1(9) - 2014


Magazine «Holism and health» - 2(10) - 2014


 Журнал Холизм и здоровье - 2(10) - 2014

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